Be your own lash artist. Pre-cut segment lashes you can apply at home.

Ditch the mascara this summer!

DIY Lash Kit is all you need to started with Silver Lashes. One kit. Weeks of wear. Just get refills. Done.

DIY Lash Kit is a one-time purchase and includes all the essentials to get started with the Lashify system.

Lash extensions were the one thing that blew my mind when I realized how common they were. Like, my brain exploded with this knowledge, given that so many of my friends and colleagues had them. I believed for the longest time that everyone was rocking full strip lashes, waking up at 4 a.m. every day to put them on. For me, a big, bold lash is typically reserved for special occasions and events — so when I got lost in my usual 8-10 hour TikTok hole a few weeks ago and discovered the stacked eyelashes hack, I had to try it out. 


For those of you who are wondering what "stacked eyelashes" are, it’s pretty straightforward: Those cute little single lash clusters are applied in segments underneath the lash, using an at-home bonding system. The main appeal is that you can apply as many lashes as you like, “stacking” them in place using the bonder, layer after layer, until you get your desired look. Want an easy, natural look? Just do one layer. Going out on the town? Stack ‘em up, baybee! The lashes come in different lengths — short, medium, and long — so you can really control the style and appearance of the lashes themselves. Ever since the one time I had lash extensions applied ended with me having a full-blown panic attack, I was, to put it simply, intrigued. Basically, if you’re looking for the lash extensions look but don’t want to make the commitment while also NOT wanting to have to deal with strip lashes being applied every day, this is your happiest of mediums. The only thing is getting past the ick of applying lashes underneath your eye, which is… shockingly easy once you get past the learning curve of applying.


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