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The Silver Lashes

Simply the best (Krazy in love)pre-cut lashes

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KRAZY IN LOVE PRE-CUT LASHES: Your Gateway to Glamour

Step into the world of effortless, professional-grade beauty with KRAZY IN LOVE PRE-CUT LASHES. These natural lashes are not just ordinary lashes; they are a revolution in the eyelash extensions world, especially in Dubai. Designed for the modern, fashion-forward individual, these lashes offer a full and wispy style, perfect for anyone looking to enhance their look with minimal effort.

Pre-Cut Precision

Gone are the days of struggling with lash scissors. Our eyelash extensions are the best eyelash extensions near you and come precut into four segments, making the application process as easy as a breeze. This unique feature ensures that you can apply them with precision and ease, right at home.

Pre-Mapped for Perfection

Each of our lash extensions Dubai is pre-mapped, ensuring a professional finish every time. This thoughtful design takes the guesswork out of achieving that salon-quality look, making it accessible to everyone.

Lightweight and Comfortable

The lightweight, clear, and flexible lash band is a game-changer. It fits seamlessly with your natural lash line, offering a look that is both stunning and natural. Plus, our natural eyelash extensions are comfortable enough to wear with sunglasses or prescription glasses, without the annoying fluttering against the lenses.

Long-Lasting and Natural

For those seeking a natural and long-lasting option, KRAZY IN LOVE Pre-Cut Lashes eyelash extensions are a perfect choice. Applied under your natural lash line, they promise a stunning finish that can last up to five days. Handmade with care, each lash section may vary slightly, adding to their unique charm.

Pair with Our Exclusive Adhesive

For optimal results, pair these natural lashes with our Lash It Out adhesive. And when it's time to remove them, our Lash It Out remover ensures a safe and easy process.

Ideal for Beginners

If you're new to the world of home lash application, our Starter Kit is your best friend. It simplifies the process and is a cost-effective solution to kickstart your lash journey.


  • Eyelash Extensions Dubai Home Service: Enjoy the beauty of professional-grade lashes in the comfort of your home.

  • Natural Lash Extensions: Achieve a natural look that complements your beauty.

  • Best Eyelash Extensions Dubai: Stand out with the best quality lashes available in Dubai.

  • Lash and Brow Enhancement: Complete your eye makeup with a product that enhances both lashes and brows.

  • Lash Lift Dubai: Experience the effect of a lash lift with the ease of extensions.

  • Eyelash Extension Promotion: Avail of our ongoing promotions for the best deals in Dubai.


KRAZY IN LOVE PRE-CUT LASHES are not just lashes; they are a statement of beauty, convenience, and style. Perfect for the fashion-savvy individual in Dubai, these Dubai lashes promise to enhance your beauty game to the next level. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned lash lover, these lashes are designed to meet your needs, ensuring a glamorous, natural-looking finish every time. Embrace the world of eyelash extensions with KRAZY IN LOVE PRE-CUT LASHES – where beauty meets convenience.

Please note that our lash sections are handmade, so slight variations in styles and sizes may occur. For optimal results, pair them with our Lash It Out adhesive (sold separately), and consider using our Lash It Out remover for safe removal.

If you're new to home lashes, explore our Starter Kit – not only does it simplify the process, but it also saves you money. Elevate your eyelash game with Lash It Out!

Customer Reviews

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Awesome 🙌

My absolute fav ❤️


After wearing eyelash extensions witch damaged my own eyelashes and caused them to fall out... i have since grown my own back and ordered the starter kit.. ohh my lord buying 3more pairs so easy to put on ill never wear overpriced extensions again!!! 🧡 pic is with lashes on one eye so you can see the difference. Absolute game changer so happy with them :)