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How are these different to regular strip lashes?

Our lashes are designed on a clear lightweight almost invisible band, making them much lighter than a regular strip lash, they are then pre cut into segments and are placed under the lash line as apposed to on top.

What are they made from?

Our lashes are faux mink, cruelty free.

How do I apply these?

We have created a leaflet step by step guide that will talk you through each step to help you have a easy application.

I’m no good at applying strip lashes will I struggle with these?

We created these lashes to make DIY at home lashes much more easier and less stressful, with bad experiences or with no experience at all following our step by step guide everyone should find this process simple and easy, keeping in mind there is a learning curve so after each application you will get better!

Will these hurt my eyes?

No! making sure that the lashes do not touch your waterline is essential, if you do place too closely to your water line it will cause discomfort and irritation, we recommend you remove lash straight away and re apply!

What should I do if one comes loose, or falls out?

No problem just re-apply a generous amount of glue and re-apply the lash segment.

I am having trouble applying, they wont stick?

Our adhesive has been tried and tested we know it dries quickly and once attached will need to be removed with our remover, if you are finding that the lash is not staying on properly you may need to use more glue, and ensure that you are attaching the lash segment directly under your lashes, making sure the glue is pressed against your natural lashes.

Can I wear these if I have short lashes?

Yes you only need enough lashes to apply the glued band onto.

What if I want to remove the lashes after 1 day?

That is totally fine, using our remover and following our step by step guide you are able to remove the lashes whenever you like, we say they last up to 5 days as this is how long we like to wear them for, we recommend removing them after 7 days maximum and re-applying if you would still like to wear them!

Can I shower wash my face as usual wearing these?

To get a longer wear from your lashes we recommend avoiding getting lashes drenched, although our glue is waterproof they will stay in a better shape and last longer if you didn't get them soaked everyday, try to wash around the eyes when wearing, you can give natural lashes a good wash on removal day!

How do I remove them?

Our lash starter kits comes with the remover, this is the only safe way to remove these lashes so please ensure you follow the steps to remove them properly.

I removed the lashes and noticed my natural lashes coming out?

Don't panic! our natural lashes shred daily! lashes have a life cycle of 60-90 days! each individual lash is running on its own time, so if lashes appear to come out with the segments providing you have not pulled them then don't panic it was just there time to fall out!

Returns and exchanges

If you are struggling to use our lashes please get in contact we will try our best to help you! If the lashes are unused in original condition then you may return these to us, please contact us.

Struggling to apply/remove our lashes?


Visit our handy 'How To' page for in depth video tutorials, featuring Paris, relating to frequently asked questions about application and removal of our luxury DIY lashes.

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