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Being eyelash artist for 6 years I wanted to find alternative to individual eyelash extensions made by professionals. For about a year we couldn't go to lash salon because of the lockdowns. I have tried everything.

What Are Segmented Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions have many types, the segment lash extensions are the trending lashes nowadays. Compared with other falsies, segmented lashes are the best for girls loving DIY lashes at home. Segmented lash extensions are only the lash segments, not the complete lashes.

And lash extensions can be designed into the segmented lash extensions, to make them much more flexible to adhere to your eyelids.

A complete strip of lashes can be cut into pieces to make lash segments, the segmented strip lashes are super suitable for you to do DIY lashes at home. That’s pretty simple, you can use the lash scissor to cut a strip lash into 3 or 4 segments to get the lash pieces.

The segmented strip lashes can be named pre cut lash segments, and these can make the lash application easy and quick. You can DIY pre-cut lash segments at home, using the professional lash scissor to cut your strip lashes into 4 smaller segments, which can allow you to customize your lash application.

Compared with the complete strip lashes, applying lash segments is much more flexible, and you can use them to make your lashes much more vividly natural. By the way, you need advanced skills to apply lash segments, and you adjust the angle of each lash segment while applying it to your lash line, to make it comply with your natural lash growth tendency.

It’s customized for you to control your lash application, and you can try to stick to the lash segment to the right location on your eyes, to achieve a natural lash look. Due to the shape of each lash segment being different, you need to choose the proper lash segment to apply the proper location.