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The Silver Lashes

Harley iLash Dubai Custom Length Lashes

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Enhance your natural lashes with a touch of subtle spike and a wispy look using our versatile iLash Custom Length segments. Embrace creativity and decide the style that suits you best - whether thick or natural, the choice is yours! You have the freedom to double stack the segments for a fuller appearance or keep it elegant with a single layer.

Choose from our 4 different size options - 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, and 16mm - to achieve your desired length. Each Whole Custom Length set contains 25 individual segments, providing you with endless lash possibilities.

Applying our Custom Length segments is simple. Just pull up the lashes from either end and cut them into sections you wish to apply. Create and customize your lashes effortlessly. These segments are seamlessly applied underneath your lashes for a stunning lash extension look. Secure them with our reliable Bond & Seal, and enjoy a long-lasting hold of 5-7 days.

Pro tip: Opt for 2 different sizes, one up or down from each other (e.g., 10mm & 12mm, 12mm & 14mm) for a more natural-looking lash and to avoid noticeable size differences. Additionally, place the smaller mm size in your inner corners to follow your eye shape flawlessly.

Elevate your lash game with iLash Custom Length segments and achieve the perfect look every time. Embrace your creativity and make your eyes the center of attention! Order now and experience the freedom to customize your lashes just the way you like it.

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Love them